Wednesday, December 9, 2009

October 2009

Oct. 28
Two weeks of block two behind us. I think a rhythm is beginning to take place and be felt. It is helpful to know where my place in the room is. I carry paints to my easle like my painting is a table ready to be served, or maybe its ready to eat. and with this customer I sit, converse with, feed, eat from, to the extent that apainting becomes a giveaway dance. And we eat together amongst a restaurant of painters. Incorporating parts of their sharing into our dialogue.

Oct 9
I am struck by the strong impulse in this space to go on learning and studying and seeking higher knowledge forever-- that we can hold the spirit of study in our lives always.

Fri., Oct what?

Yes, and the awareness of this willingness to change quickens. Sometimes we need to pause, breathe, and step back many lengths to see the changes with some field of depth between ourselves and the echoes of our marks. color, glorious color. And how wonderful color is manifest in the leaves outdoors around us.
I am grateful to be painting and to be meeeting different people taking the time to learn to trust themselves and paint.

Thursday, Oct. 1
I love that people are changing their lives. Somehow they are willing to change, as hard as it may be. They must move somewhere. Into unknown space

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