Wednesday, December 9, 2009

November 2009

Nov. 27

"For brightness to be, we
need that which throws a shadow."

"Leave time for an experience and just as much time to reflect, and just as much time to accept in a greater context."

The words of Henrike Holdridge from The Nature Institute on perceiving color (Nov. 14th) reverberate inwardly -- not just in relation to how we see color in context, but in application to this whole Free Columbia process-- and in application to life! November has been helpful and rich with echoes of these processes in our art. Although we are the beginning, there is already a deep richness that is affecting life.

Nov 19
What is the relationship of money to responsibility? to value?

Nov. 9
The studio fills with fiery red, gold and rosiness. As I walk through the door I am confronted by this spirit of light. There are so many experiences of it laid out on paper but they all warm us as winter breaths upon the land and the last leaves flutter to the ground. The trees are but skeletons now and I feel us reaching deeper into the world of color now that the earth has turned to duller tones.

November 6
I'm happy and grateful to be working within a group of artists and art supporters. I feel like for the first time in my life that I am a part of something real and I feeel like my potentiality as a human being and artist is ripening.
I'm happy to be here for the community's first year. It makes sense to me in where I am in my life. I can lready feel the shortness of a year. I can already feel that if a place or role unfolded for me as a student or participant, to continue with Free Columbia, I will.
Aside from these impressions, I'm enjoying how topics in color in class assignments, outside life, lectures, and reading are interweaving. I find Peter Stolfo's approach to teaching Art History both nourishing and engaging. It's great how many different participants there are in Free Columbia. From students at Triform Village, locals, us painters, and fiends. Henrike's discussions and sytematic approach to understanding light and color shares a whole other set of experiences. The studies that she shares with us help me to understand the workings and wonders of seeing. Her teachings bring value to regular observations and practice.

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